Afterlisting welcomes you to post an ad with no hassles and in the safest manner. Therefore, we take pleasure in giving our users five safety tips to keep in mind.

Have a look:

✅ Verify and Purchase

Do not forget to verify the seller’s information and product details before making a purchase. If you have questions, ask and also request more photos if required.

✅ Arrange a Good Place to Meet the Seller

Call up the seller and ask him to meet at a good place where you can sit and talk. This would give him a good impression of your intention.

✅ Be careful about Personal Information

If it comes to sharing your personal data, be very careful. It is advisable not to share your bank details, full address or any confidential detail.

✅ Know everything about the Seller

Research the seller as much as possible! Read reviews and go through feedback from other users to know his market reputation.

✅ Report Suspicious Activity

Afterlisting, never posts fake ads. Rather, we will verify with you, take accurate details, and post. We are against fraudulent ads; instead, we post genuine ones.

Remember, your safety is crucial for everyone. Take these precautions to protect yourself while we give our best efforts to post your ad.

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